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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wallpaper Murals vs. Paint

Why wallpaper instead of paint?
Why not? Is the question.

I found that in recent years wallpaper has made or is making a huge comeback. Being a young father I have many young friends buying and decorating new homes. I have to say, 1 out of every 2 has either considered or has wallpaper in place of paint in their homes. Ha, move over Debbie Travis and Martha Stewart. Most actually used a combination of both. Which is what I did.

I for one have several wallpaper murals and borders around my home. I find they add a lot more flair with less headache then paint. I chose to accent my bedroom wall with an eiffel tower design, to remind my wife and I of our honeymoon. Accenting our wall with a mural made it easier to deal with less paint.

A few months ago I ended buying a can of paint to paint my entire newborn babies room. Man what a headache, both from the fumes and amount of time and effort it took. I actually spent over 12 hours to paint a small room. 1 coat, dry, 2 coat, dry, 3 coat dry, and that doesn't even include the prep time and clean up. Not only that, can I say boring. I designed myself a tree mural and will be putting it up and will also be available on the mural direct store website soon. Check back with my blog in the coming month to see it and many more new designs.

"Putting up a wall mural is so much easier and looks so much better." JC Moore

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