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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fast, Cheap and Good Wallpaper Murals? How?

There is that old saying, that you can pick two out of the three choices (fast, cheap and good), but not all three. This holds true to most products and services, but not for Mural Direct.  How do they do it?


They make everything they sell
No painful waiting for your items to get into stock and ship from three different places. They make it all in-house and control every facet of your product creation.

No back orders, ever.
Since they have the equipment and a large warehouse, either they have it in stock or they’ll make it for you next day at the latest. No back and forth with suppliers and middlemen and anybody else, it’s just them and you.


No Middleman
With no middlemen markups, they pass the savings directly to you. Please look elsewhere, you won’t find better value for your space. With average price savings of 25% to 50%, you’ll now have some spare money to buy that Blue Ray movie. :)


Quality material
Their products are printed in 18.25" (1.5 feet wide) strips using organically pigmented toner based ink. Their non-woven prepasted mural paper contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and comes prepasted in numbered panels so you can install with just one person in as little as 30 minutes. Each panel overlaps 1/4" for a seamless look. Simply dip in water and smooth it into place with a soft sponge or clean soft rag. You don’t need to buy a bunch of tools you’ll only use once...

When you’re ready to transform your space again, rest assured, their non-woven paper comes clean off the wall in one full sheet with NO MESS, NO TOOLS, NO QUESTION.

Cool designs
That’s up to you to decide after having a peek around ;)

Click here for MURAL DIRECT's online store

It’s really that simple!


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