Hanging Wallpaper Murals

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"How to hang wallpaper murals"

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mural Direct is back!

Oh Joy! Mural Direct is back. Yes, the number one mural place that brings you original cutting edge wall coverings for your wall is back with great designs. Also in the mix is a link to Amazon.ca and Amazon.com where you can get most, if not all of their designs at wayyyy lower prices. Now how about that for caring about customers...
"basically if you can't get it at mural direct they will direct you to somewhere you can buy it and if the price is too high..they will send you to where you can get it for cheaper".

Even Better is their option for custom one off jobs where you can get the same designs or an image of your own at virtually any size made just for you. Fantastic. Glad to have you back!