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"How to hang wallpaper murals"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colin and Justin Recommend Mural Direct!

As you all know I am an avid supporter of Mural Direct and now I have two big names that agree :) For those of you that have fallen off the face of the earth, Colin  and Justin are two of the greatest designer guys out there in the industry right now. Their eye for design is impeccable and some may argue the best there is. I would agree, seeing as they offered up a recommendation for online store Mural Direct.

Turns out Mural Direct's regal pattern design  tickled their fancy so much so, they now have it gracing their condo walls in Toronto. Word has it that Mural Direct was more than happy to form this relationship with Colin and Justin and are open to the idea of working with them more in the future, but for now go check out what Colin and Justin are all about at colinandjustin.tv. And even better check out what they have to say about Mural Direct here.