Hanging Wallpaper Murals

This blog is about a lot more then just How to Hang Wallpaper Murals, but for those that stumbled upon me for that particular reason, here you go!
"How to hang wallpaper murals"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trompe de l'oeil

What does this mean?..
It means absolutely gorgeous murals. Its actually a french phrase meaning "to fool the eye". A great example of how Mural Direct has embodied this style is seen directly from their customers. :)

Above photograph comes courtesy of Steff L. from Australia that puts her interior design expertise to work. She uses  Mural Direct's "In Trance" mural to completely transform her blank wall into an oasis escape. The shear curtains adds to the already realistic look of the oceanic getaway and gives it a further kick into realism. Great idea. Simply adding to these wonderful printed murals only further accentuates the impact murals can have on any room.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy enough for a 4 year old!

What a cute way to illustrate the amazing durability and easy to remove product that Mural Direct has to offer.

Note the easy to install panel width and the dryness of the product. Seeing is believeing. Comes off dry in full panels is right. All pre-pasted and ready to install. Heck it looks like you can re-install it in another room. According to mural direct they have improved their product even further by acquiring sophisticated machinery technology to cut precisely enough to eliminate the need for overlapping panels at the seam. This means "No overlap", making their murals even easier to install, just slide each panel into place beside one another. To get even further insight into their product go here, Mural Direct's Product Page. Happy Muralizing.