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"How to hang wallpaper murals"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make it Black and White! No Charge

Wow! When it comes to a company that listens to its customers, Mural Direct is definitely one of them. There have been countless times when customers shopping for a wallpaper mural love the look and scenery of a design but are afraid the colour won't match the furniture, or sometimes just down right prefer the beauty of simple black and white photography, but find that the option to change the design to black and white simply doesn't exist...until now.

Mural Direct has recently accommodated their manufacturing/buying procedure to allow customers to opt for a black and white version of any mural design on their site for NO EXTRA CHARGE. So basically its like you are getting a custom job for nothing.

When asked why? JC Moore simply states:
We want to offer our customers the flexibility to buy exactly what they are looking for and even though this requires more work on our part we are happy to do it. Having there be no charge is a way to say "we care" not only about quality but about design. We love to help and listen to our customers as best we can after all their suggestions and comments help us out in our continued on going search to find out what is fresh and new in design.

To find out more about this option and how to leave your suggestions and comments simply visit muraldirect.com

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Little Eye Murals

Mural Direct has recently introduced  a line of murals called My little eye Murals. As far as I know no one else in the market place is doing this type of stuff...yet!

These murals are beautifully and carefully designed to be more then just eye candy. Inspired by the universally popular kids game "I spy, with my little eye" These murals are functional as well. Spend some time every day with your child and play.

For right now Mural Direct is offering 8 different themes from animals to toys. Not only can you play "I spy" but also "seek and count" games, like how many eggs can you find in the animal mural. Its never a dull moment with these murals, customize to the size you want. I'm sure kids will be entertained by the shear enormous size of everyday objects.

Not only can these wonderful works of art be great for your home, but schools and hospitals are finding a place for them as well. In their libraries, homerooms,  and day cares, there is no telling where you'll be able to play. Mural Direct is glad to add that twinkle in a child's eye!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweep Panorama, Sweet for Murals

Technology makes Mural making easier and better. Sony has recently come up with a new feature in most of their cameras newer models called "sweep panorama". This feature allows the average person to create stunning panoramic images simply by sweeping across the subject. Have a closer look on how this all works.

So you have this feature so what? You cant really do much with these pictures except display them on facebook.


This advancement in technology now allows for amateur photographers to use these files to make custom breath taking full wall murals. Most use the Sony Cybershot DscH55 because of its high 14mpx resolution.

High resolution is key to creating such large murals and usually involves high end equipment.  Custom mural makers, like Mural Direct love the new Sony technology as it takes away the pain staking task of taking several shots and combing them in photoshop to form a panoramic image. Those days are over. With technology like this Mural Direct is one step closer in reaching their goal to have at least one mural in every home.