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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make it Black and White! No Charge

Wow! When it comes to a company that listens to its customers, Mural Direct is definitely one of them. There have been countless times when customers shopping for a wallpaper mural love the look and scenery of a design but are afraid the colour won't match the furniture, or sometimes just down right prefer the beauty of simple black and white photography, but find that the option to change the design to black and white simply doesn't exist...until now.

Mural Direct has recently accommodated their manufacturing/buying procedure to allow customers to opt for a black and white version of any mural design on their site for NO EXTRA CHARGE. So basically its like you are getting a custom job for nothing.

When asked why? JC Moore simply states:
We want to offer our customers the flexibility to buy exactly what they are looking for and even though this requires more work on our part we are happy to do it. Having there be no charge is a way to say "we care" not only about quality but about design. We love to help and listen to our customers as best we can after all their suggestions and comments help us out in our continued on going search to find out what is fresh and new in design.

To find out more about this option and how to leave your suggestions and comments simply visit muraldirect.com

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