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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Little Eye Murals

Mural Direct has recently introduced  a line of murals called My little eye Murals. As far as I know no one else in the market place is doing this type of stuff...yet!

These murals are beautifully and carefully designed to be more then just eye candy. Inspired by the universally popular kids game "I spy, with my little eye" These murals are functional as well. Spend some time every day with your child and play.

For right now Mural Direct is offering 8 different themes from animals to toys. Not only can you play "I spy" but also "seek and count" games, like how many eggs can you find in the animal mural. Its never a dull moment with these murals, customize to the size you want. I'm sure kids will be entertained by the shear enormous size of everyday objects.

Not only can these wonderful works of art be great for your home, but schools and hospitals are finding a place for them as well. In their libraries, homerooms,  and day cares, there is no telling where you'll be able to play. Mural Direct is glad to add that twinkle in a child's eye!


  1. where can you buy these murals

  2. You can find most on Amazon.com and soon to be Amazon.ca, search "JP London Murals"