Hanging Wallpaper Murals

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"How to hang wallpaper murals"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is the real deal. There are many murals out there claiming 3D status when in fact are mere perspective drawings. These murals are NOT like that.

Mural Direct has come out with what I think is a futuristic step in to a new era for wallpaper murals. Real 3D murals! We are talking stunningly large prints that actually pop off the wall, using special MD3D glasses.

Not sure how this is done but J.C Moore simply puts it..

"Our murals are actually 3-D, specifically designed to work with specialty clear 3-D glasses to get that true 3-D effect."

The best thing about these murals is that they look great even without the 3D glasses. There is no blurry, two toned images like traditional red and blue 3D prints. These are full colour, high res images. What you see is what you get sort of deal. Wow! This is something you have to actually see to believe. Unbelievably these murals come with lifetime 3D glasses and the price isn't even jacked up.

"We wanted to showcase these murals as best we could, cause we really think we have a winner in our books, and we didn't see a need to jack up the price for something that is really cool. We want the public to be able to get their hands on these murals without having to worry about breaking their budget!"

I for one believe this will definitely change how we look at wallpaper murals, literally. Apparently this is just one of many more ideas Mural Direct has up their sleeve. This will definitely be a hard one to top but I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.