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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Say HELLO to my Big Mural"

Straight from film culture to your home. Mural companies are now looking for inspiration for their designs from inside the movies.

Why Not?

Well mural designers have taken notice and have answered back to appease movie theme lovers. Take for instance Mural Direct, whom have upped the antee when it comes to risque unique designs pulled from popular movie themes.

Even actual murals never available to the public before are making there way into homes by savvy designers willing to offer their inspired versions. Take for instance the popularity of the Office scene in 1983's Scarface written by Oliver Stone and Direct by Brian de palma. How can anyone forget the beautiful orange beach sunset mural surrounding Tony Montana as he talks to Frank in his office. Mural Direct has come out with there version of this popular mural in hopes that it will make its way into the office of any scarface fan.

They also look a the popularity with films like Twilight, where the style is more along the macabre, Gothic side.
Twilight Themed

Or how about Fast and the Furious, depicting the popularity of street racing.

Fast and Furious Inspired

Kudos goes out to all those mural designers at Mural Direct willing to try something new and offer an alternative to the common tropical beach scenes. I'm sure Mural Direct will offer many more unique mural designs in the future, and I can't wait to re-visit the site again soon.

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