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Monday, August 9, 2010

Should I buy a cheap Wallpaper Mural?

Good Question?

Here's the nitty gritty on this popular question. A lot has to do with stock and material. There are plenty of wallpaper companies out there and you can get a headache just sifting through them all, most offering the same products at different prices. Some have super low prices and others have super high prices. So how do you find the best design for your buck?

The simple answer  is no you DO NOT want to buy the cheapest wallpaper mural out there. Why NOT? Most wallpaper murals at super low prices are like that for several reasons, but here are a few to consider:

1. Too much in stock - Many wallpaper companies buy in bulk and end up buying a design that no one particularly likes so they try to get rid of them by pawning yesterdays designs at super low prices.

2. The murals are NOT pre-pasted - This means that many cut cost by using cheaper material by buying it in bulk without using pre-pasted backing and those that do may use only a little to cut costs. Which means you are essentially buying durable  poster paper that you have to apply adhesive to at a separate cost.

3. The murals use small pieces NOT panels - If the mural is made of cheap material, chances are they are paneled as square or small rectangle pieces, a few to form the Top portion of the mural and another few to form the bottom. This makes it particularly hard to line up pieces and essentially get a straight looking mural, not to mention the hassle of pasting the pieces first.

So there you go, you don't want to buy the cheapest mural out there, but that being said you don't want to empty out your pockets for one either. My advice would be to try and locate the manufacturer and get quality for your buck. Not only are they the source, but they also know more then anyone else about the product and can answer your questions more easily. Be cautious when it comes to materials like vinyl or strippable, most claim they come off easily, but they really don't. All in all you must look for trust and word of mouth when it comes to mural companies, email them and chat about the product. Those that can't answer your questions about their product or materials are generally re-sellers and the ones you have to give a second thought too. Upon much research I have found the mural direct store to carry all murals that fit the budget. Not only that, all their products are made on request in-house, so you know your getting todays designs, pre-pasted on non-woven mural paper, and paneled like traditional wallpaper. Thumbs up.

Happy mural hunting.

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