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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Muralize your photographs

Yes, you can muralize your photographs!

Muralize is a phrase I coined when it came to making a mural from a photograph I took. I said things like..
wow, I love that landscape shot. I may want to muralize it later.
I may want to muralize that wall.

I'm hopeful it will make its way to Webster's dictionary some time soon, but in the mean time lets get to endless possibilities of muralizing your photos.

Technology today has become so advanced that we no longer need negatives to blow up a photo. We can do it digitally. Not only that, wallpaper manufacturers have taken notice and now offer their products printed digitally. This has paved the way for enormous saving for the average home decorator and for the manufacturer, cause now buying in bulk isn't an issue anymore. Traditional times called for company's to design a wallpaper pattern and limit the amount of colours and size in order to run it gravure, which is basically a solid drum that prints the pattern over and over again. This gravure drum is what drove inventory and prices sky high, and continues to do so for some company's today. Running on gravure means, high minimum orders which means designs were limited to appease the taste/style of a select few customers.

Digital printing is what paved the way for the freedom to create what ever style you want at what ever size and amount of colours your mind can think off. Not only that but every day people can become designers as well. How often have you wished to find a particular design to complement your room, but just couldn't find it so you settled for something mediocre. This happens way to often especially with wallpaper art.

Well look no further cause the times have answered the call. Digitally printed wallpaper has paved the way for custom murals. Mural Direct has dominated the market place for this particular product.

We give our customers what they are looking for at an affordable price for a one off print. Most companies and manufactures wont even touch a one off wallpaper print. Their presses just cant handle custom orders. - JC Moore
In addition Mural Direct has been servicing the wall decor industry for over 15 years, so you know you are getting a quality product. Average everyday consumers aren't the only ones taking advantage of this opportunity, pro photographers are as well. Their high end equipment and expertise make way for brilliant high resolution photo murals, suited for offices, businesses, homes, restaurants, you name it. That, and partnering up with Mural Direct as their manufacturer is an awesome gateway into selling their own photo murals retail.

The possibilities are endless for design. After all walls are like great big canvases. Check out Mural Direct custom page to find out more or contact them.

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